Romantic Wedding |Munfordville, Kentucky Wedding

David + Melissa | Munfordville, Ky.

David + Melissa | Munfordville, Ky.

David + Melissa | Munfordville, Ky.

David + Melissa | Munfordville, Ky.

David + Melissa | Munfordville, Ky.

David + Melissa | Munfordville, Ky.

David + Melissa recently wed in a intimate candlelight ceremony in Munfordville, Ky. Held in historic downtown Munfordville added to the romantic wedding . The Ceremony was held inside an old historic building that now houses River Pointe Church. With beautiful wood floors along with an exposed brick walls that created a warm intimate atmosphere for their Friday evening wedding. Surrounded by close family and friends they celebrated the love that had brought them together. When planning a romantic wedding you can’t go wrong with a candlelight ceremony along with an evening wedding, add a old historic downtown setting and it’s pure perfection.

Melissa was blessed to have a good friend and wedding planner to assist in the planning stages as well as keeping things running smoothly the day of the ceremony. Wedding planners are a great way to help take some of the stress out of the planning. They can do everything from securing and locating your vendors such as DJ, Baker for your wedding cake, your photographer just to name a few. They generally have a list of contacts of individuals they have worked with in the past to insure your getting the best for your big day. When it comes to the day of the wedding planner they work closely with you to make sure that things flow smoothly, by helping with rounding up family for those important must have shots, to making sure your other vendors arrive on time and know where they need to be.

I want to thank wedding planner Danette Skaggs for her assistance throughout the wedding day.

To Jerry McBride for being an awesome DJ who kept things moving and created a perfect atmosphere for lots of dancing for all the guests.

Thanks Melissa and David for letting me be a part of your celebration.

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