Rain on your Wedding Day

Rain on your wedding day

Rain on your wedding day

Rain on your wedding day doesn’t spell disaster. In fact with a little planning ahead by hopefully your photographer you can be prepared to capture beautiful images even in the rain. Planning an outdoor wedding is always risky, so having a backup plan is crucial. If your planning an outdoor ceremony and reception, plan on having tents for at least the reception, larger tents can serve as a backup plan for the ceremony in a pinch. Depending on the venue you may be able to have a room reserved if it looks like weather will mean a ┬álast minute change.

Communication is the key, working closely with your vendors is the important, especially your photographer. With a little planning you can really make your photos unique as well as fun. Clear umbrellas make great accessories, or for a more classic look solid black umbrellas or white give a timeless feel to your images. For something more whimsical feel try getting colorful umbrellas that coordinate with your wedding colors.

The biggest thing is to embrace the day, the weather, and remember that in the end the important part is that you are married to your best friend, soulmate, and life long partner.




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