New Year New Goals

New year decoration

New Year New Goals

WOW where did 2014 get off to. Hard to believe that we are just a few days away from the new year. First off I’m so thankful for all the amazing clients that have allowed me to to capture their memories one frame at a time. I’m looking forward to 2015, I’ve got so many new goals that I have set for both myself and my business. It seems every year we look back and reflect on the past year and then try and set goals for the “New Year”.  I know that many times the biggest resolution that many set is to lose weight or get in better shape, seems to be a good one after the Holidays and all the extra goodies that we have so readily available. I know one of my goals is to just get healthier. Sometimes I think in the hustle and bustle of daily life we tend to let things go and take the easy way out. So I’m hoping this year that can be one of the things I work on.

Have you ever thought where the idea of New Years resolutions was started. New beginnings, a rebirth of sorts. The Huffingpost has a great article on the traditions of the New Years check it out here Huffington Post Article.

So what goals have you set for the New Year? Share them with family and friends. Nothing motivates you more then knowing that others are aware of your goals. Think about the motivation we can all get from our loved ones, they can encourage us when we lose track of our goals, remind us of what we want to accomplish, even help us achieve the goals we have set out for ourselves.

So as this year comes to an end I want to thank each and everyone of you have been a part of our lives, and have allowed us to be such important part of your lives. Here’s to 2015 may it bring you everything you wished for as well as everything you need.

Cheers to New Year New Goals



Congratulations you’re engaged | How to plan the perfect wedding

She said yes

She said yes


Congratulations you’re engaged…what now?

Where do you begin, what do you need to do first, hopefully this will help get your started.

So he planned out the romantic Christmas proposal, the family was all gathered for dinner. He even asked your dad’s permission, picked out the perfect ring, and now you’re getting married. You’ve probably thought about this day all your life, or maybe you thought it would never happen. So now that you have the ring where do you go from here? First things first of course, let your family and friends know personally before you blast it all over social media. After all your cousin, favorite Aunt, sister, and big brother would much rather hear the good news from you then through a social media post. Once you have shared your great news with your closest family and friends, then of course, show off that ring and announce to the world your getting married. Then, if your ring is a little too loose or to tight take it in and have it sized, and while your at it add it to your homeowners or renters insurance policy.

Now where to begin in the planning stages, if you haven’t discussed it already sit down and pick a date or at least a general idea of when you want to get married. Trust me your friends will all want to know, along with the story of how he proposed. It’s just natural because they are as excited as you are that your getting married. Once you have at least a general time frame, now is the time to sit down with all those involved with your big day and set up a budget. Without a budget, things can soon become over whelming and you may find that the must have things get pushed to the side when the funds start getting tight. Some couples find it helpful to setup a separate savings or checking account just for wedding related purchases. This makes it easier to keep track of where the money is going as well as what has been purchased already. It also works great for helping you stay on track with your budget.

A good wedding planner or organizer to helps to keep things in line; check out pinterest for some printable planners with timelines ready to be added to a three ring binder. This will let you stay organized as well as keep track of important papers and contracts.  You can get pocket folders to keep contracts, etc. all together. It’s also a great way to keep color swatches, and items clipped from bridal magazines together. Many planners have a location to keep up with your budget expenses as well. If your more into digital management there are plenty of apps available, as well as online locations to keep up with things as well.

Online Wedding Calendar

Once you have your budget and a  general date in mind, now is a great time to start looking for your perfect venue, especially if your planning on one of the more popular months for weddings. Many of your popular venues book sometimes a year in advance, so don’t get discouraged if your heart is set on a certain location check for off season availability especially if your not set on a specific date.

When searching for a venue keep in mind your guest list and the approximate number of guests attending.

Once the venue has been chosen and the date set, it’s time to start thinking about your other vendors for your big day. If your venue includes catering, then that is one more task checked off your to do list. If not, now is the time to start thinking about catering. Whether your choose to do an afternoon wedding with refreshments and finger foods or an elaborate sit down meal, it all depends on your budget as well as your style.

Research your catering options to find what fits your budget and also fits with who you are as a couple.

Some catering companies have options that include your cake, if your catering package doesn’t include the cake then plan on checking out your options for your wedding cake. There are many awesome bakers in the area who do awesome work as well as private individuals who do custom cake orders. Sugar Fashion Cakes is just one of my favorites. Their are many more out there, ask around for recommendations. Schedule a consultation for your own private taste testing to decide on your favorite. After all you want your cake to taste as good as it looks.

Since I’m a photographer it wouldn’t be right not mentioning booking your photographer. Many photographers offer complimentary engagement photos with their packages. However, you can also have just engagement photos done with a photographer as well, it’s a great way to do a trial run to see if you mess well with them and their style. After all, on your wedding day you will be spending a lot of time with your photographer. In fact, some photographers will allow you to apply what you paid for your engagement session towards your wedding package. Not all professionals do this, some consider the engagement session as complimentary. So be sure to ask upfront when you book.

Although this doesn’t cover everything that you need to do, I hope it helps you get pointed in the right direction.

Once again, Congratulations on your engagement and happy planning….

Will be posting more about planning and selecting vendors in an upcoming post.

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The Spirit of Christmas

The Spirit of Christmas

Every year the excitement of the holidays rolls around and we get excited about being with family, friends, and exchanging gifts.  For some families the holidays don’t bring joy, it can bring despair to families who may not have the means to give their children gifts from Santa. It could be that the sole bread winner in the family has recently lost a job, or maybe poor health has kept them from working. Maybe its a young single mom who’s working for minimum wage. Whatever the case maybe it’s also the time of year that many open their hearts as well as their wallets to help give back to those less fortunate.  Groups and organizations work together within the community to help those in need. We are blessed locally to have the Santa Bus, started over 47 years ago by Bobby Morrison. Bobby passed away earlier this year, but his wife Ann “Snookie” Morrison has insured that the Santa Bus lives on, with a team of volunteers the Santa bus was once again filled with toys to be handed out to the less fortunate. Today is Christmas Eve…The Santa bus is on the road this morning. Bless those volunteers and bless Ann “Snookie” Morrison for carrying on this amazing gift to those less fortunate in LaRue County.

For those of you who participated in my toy collection for pictures with Santa, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. For everyone who dropped off gently used toys and bikes, or dontated money to the volunteers to help get more toys for this years Santa bus bless you all and Merry Christmas. Operation Santa bus along with Santa and a whole line of cars just made its way past my studio on its way to the first stop. There were over 12 cars heading out towards Magnolia Fire Dept, for the first stop today. By the end of the day this bus filled with toys will have been emptied and given to children and families in need. I cried as I watched the bus pass this morning. It was so moving to see the spirit of Christmas alive and well. After all it’s a season of giving, it makes me proud to call LaRue County home.

Merry Christmas Everyone

More on the Santa Bus


During Lunch with my husband we were honored to see Ann “Snookie” Morrison and all the Santa Bus Volunteers at Lee’s taking a short break for lunch.

Santa Bus Volunteers stop to take a short break for lunch

Santa Bus Volunteers stop to take a short break for lunch


The spirit of Christmas, the season of giving, Santa Bus delivers toys to children and families who are less fortunate

The spirit of Christmas, the season of giving, Santa Bus delivers toys to children and families who are less fortunate

Creating Memories

This is the time of year that families spend time together. Whether its for a holiday meal, or just an afternoon of exchanging gifts. Its a time we come together and spend time with one another, reflecting on our blessings. Sometimes its the only time we may see some family members, and sometimes sadly it may be the last time we spend a holiday together with some of our family members. So as you gather together this holiday season don’t forget to take photos with your loved ones, even if its just your cell phone, or if you have a small point and shoot camera. Capture those special moments with one another to pass on to the next generation. But don’t stop there, get those images printed even ones off a cell phone can be printed to a decent 5×7 or 8×10 in some cases, but 4×6’s will still be cherished in the years to come when we look back at Holiday’s past.  Technology today is awesome but sometime timeless prints out weigh a crashed cell computer, or a cell phone that has become outdated. So get those precious memories printed, shared, and off those camera’s and iphones, and ipads. Prints from years and years ago are still around today, but those old rotary dialed phones are few and far between and they didn’t take photos.

I also want to remind you it only takes a moment to brighten someone’s day, the holidays are not always a happy time for everyone, some have no one to share it with, others may have memories from past holidays that bring sadness, or depression. Take a moment to offer a smile, a hug, a word of encouragement to someone who’s holiday may need to be brightened this time of year.

My parents are both gone, along with my step mom who was mom to me for as long as I can remember. I miss them all dearly especially this time of year. I especially missed my step mom yesterday as I backed cookies to share with others yesterday, she loved to bake and cook especially this time of year. So as I made my cookies yesterday I thought about her, and my dad, and reflected on how much life has changed the past few years.  I’m a memaw now with 5 amazing grand children and I hope that one day when they get older that they will look back at the memories that we have made and remember them not just as memories but with pictures that we take a long the way.

Merry Christmas to one and all. and start Creating Memories.

Melaniemy babies

Congratulations on your Marriage


Congratulations on your marriage.

What a perfect way to end this years wedding season, with a wedding on the last consecutive date that will happen for years to come. I met Rick and Laura a few short months ago. Laura is not new to the wedding industry she used to DJ weddings, but she’s also a talented artist. She hand painted her wedding signs and they were absolutely stunning. Everything from the church to the reception, to the entry way to the church was so warm and inviting, something about all those Christmas lights every where that just makes me smile. To me weddings during the holiday season are always so elegant, and lets face it Christmas lights make for some really awesome decorations as well as look great in your photos. Enough about the decorations, let me tell you more about Rick and Laura.

They met through, and let me say they got this match as perfect as it can be. Rick is battling cancer, and Laura refers to him as her superman. They have so much love for one another and it shows. Ricks wedding band even has a superman insignia on it, how sweet is that. They are definitely stronger together, in fact, just a few weeks ago around Thanksgiving they had a scare that no couple wants to go through, but especially right before they were getting married. Thankfully everything came out the way God meant it to be.

I truly wish these two years of happiness and love. Congratulations on your marriage Rick & Laura

to see more from their ceremony just click on the link below and visit their galley.

Rick & Laura


As we enter into 2015 lets all take a moment and give thanks for the ones we love.



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Wedding Planning Timeline

Recently engaged, planning your wedding, after all you have probably though about this day since you were a little girl. The day comes and everything goes by so fast your barely remember what your ate or if you ate during the reception. That’s were we come in, we offer full coverage of your wedding day, and work to capture the details, the emotion, the beauty of your day. After all when the day is done, your flowers have wilted, the cake is now crumbs, and your guest have all gone home the one thing that will be around for years to come is your photographs. We will provide you with a sample timeline for your wedding, tips on your engagement photos, and ideas on how to insure your day runs smoothly.

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Rain on your Wedding Day

Rain on your wedding day

Rain on your wedding day

Rain on your wedding day doesn’t spell disaster. In fact with a little planning ahead by hopefully your photographer you can be prepared to capture beautiful images even in the rain. Planning an outdoor wedding is always risky, so having a backup plan is crucial. If your planning an outdoor ceremony and reception, plan on having tents for at least the reception, larger tents can serve as a backup plan for the ceremony in a pinch. Depending on the venue you may be able to have a room reserved if it looks like weather will mean a  last minute change.

Communication is the key, working closely with your vendors is the important, especially your photographer. With a little planning you can really make your photos unique as well as fun. Clear umbrellas make great accessories, or for a more classic look solid black umbrellas or white give a timeless feel to your images. For something more whimsical feel try getting colorful umbrellas that coordinate with your wedding colors.

The biggest thing is to embrace the day, the weather, and remember that in the end the important part is that you are married to your best friend, soulmate, and life long partner.